Act with pleasure

We believe in an holistic approach to fashion, thus we naturally exist amongst a global movement based on the combination of pleasure, well-being and sustainable way of living.

More than a brand, MUSE & MARLOWE embodies a healthy life and the will to put consciousness in to consumption.


 Surround yourself with beauty and simplicity

We believe in a healthy, true and positive way to conceive a garment. We create human scale collections, produced in a respectful way with no compromise on aesthetic. A sincere and timeless approach, clothes you’ll want to love and wear forever.

Celebrate femininity

Muse & Marlowe are 2 names we love so much. We chose them to embody a poetic and aspirational universe.

We want every woman to feel free to wear their values, to celebrate their body, the authentic way, without caring about trends.

There is no zero impact solution, but we can rethink, adjust, change the way we consume. That way, we can all together have a huge positive impact. Regarding fashion, we are strong believers of this process :

-Take advantage of the clothes we already have in our wardrobes, give them another perspective to love them again (or longer)! Reduce our shopping frequency to resist the temption of the fast fashion fix…

-Open ourselves to 2nd hand,

-Make the choice of well made sustainable clothes.

That is also a way to balance a budget. The notion of the « right » / fair price is one that is going to take the longest time to evolve. Its perception has been extremely biaised the last couple of decades, so we have to leave people to process without judging or hurrying. We like to do a parallel with vegetarianism : we can do a day off meat every week without stopping it all ‘cold turkey’. It is already a step towards better.

At the origin of our friend-owned business are two life paths crossing each other. We are Lucie & Aline, united by our immeasurable desire to connect sustainability and a love for garments.

Responsible for the administrative and commercial side of the business, Lucie is a creative soul driven by a high sense of pragmatism. In short : she is a super complete human! Everyone agrees on her kindness as being her main asset, and she’s also the queen of the dancefloor.

Aline is a healthy food enthusiast and a lover of nature. She has an intrinsic sense towards the finer details and a strong passion for volumes, fabrics and colours. Aline is in charge of design and communications, and after working for almost 15 years in those two fields knows what she’s doing.

We want our business to last and evolve. We want to enliven alongside you a new relationship to our clothes, to write a new story inspired by wisdom, the joys of a simple life, the beauty of nature.

An infinite THANK YOU for supporting our small business and therefore support beautiful values.