Courtney Blouse


A blouse like a cocoon of softness, a subtle blend of romantic femininity, with its voluptuous volume and almost regressive comfort, the breast plate decorated with cross stitches of powdered green thread. Barely concealed 70s inspirations, so dear to the brand, with back notes of craftsmanship, all in a very pure, poetic form. The Almond Milk coloured fabric gives an essence of freshness. A poem to wear, to be gently placed on your shoulders, your chest, your back.

The blouse is made from a GOTS certified organic cotton gauze. This subtly woven double gauze is one of our favourite fabrics. It self-regulates to adapt perfectly to each season: light and vaporous in summer, it will also be round and comfortable in the Fall. Neither stiff nor thick, the material allows the blouse to be slipped under a sweater without any problem, but it offers a slight bounce to express the full potential of its volume when it is revealed. .

The important details: ruffled sleeves that make you dream, an embroidered front for added character, the closure on the back, a droplet shaped cut-out closed with our French-made wooden buttons

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