Marlowe Tee


The extreme pleasure that an item of clothing can bring you is undeniable.

Difference and happiness can occur through simplicity. Originality and strength do not always reside in extravagance. The simple, yet beautiful and strong t-shirt is a message to carry, a little mantra whispered to your subconscious : Bright, Wild, Dreamer… It’s You.

A comforting powder blue, a graphic textured jersey. Coming straight from our beloved 70s, this tee will soon become your best. The most comfortable and simple garment, the t-shirt fits everyone and goes with everything. It brings you the touch of femininity, nonchalant in a pretty way, on days when you want to both dress up and be super casual at the same time.

The details that make the difference : the embroided « mantra » for a fix of good vibes, the powder blue colour for a hint of vintage softness, the ribbing for the balance of chic and casual, the longer than classic length sleeves and the slight gathering on the shoulder, simply for pleasure.

Available soon in a new color

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