Consciousness, pleasure and well-being


We tell you a little more about MUSE & MARLOWE concept. Nothing complicated, really … rather common sense.

You may already know fashion is the 2nd most polluting field after petrol and that it has caused and is still causing numerous human catastrophies.

If you dig a bit, you can face a real problem of conscience. We leave it up to you to be curious about it, at your own pace, we don’t want to convey a negative message only to take you with us towards a good, beautiful, better future!

Not all of us are ready to put a cross on the pleasure brought by choosing a garment that expresses who we are, so we keep our eyes closed. And we keep going to fast fashion shops. A little bit too much, a little bit too often.

However, it is time to take action and make changes. And the good news is that we, you, all of us have the power to make the difference… yay ! How awesome is that?

Of course it’s going to take time, and of course everyone has to find their own benefit.


At MUSE & MARLOWE, we put a huge importance on basing our offer on the notion of HAPPINESS.

We believe in an holistic approach to fashion.Even though it is not vital, the garment is part of our everyday lives, and we believe that, for a global well-being, it is important to be coherent in our choices and habits. The same way you eat healthy food, you reduce your rubbish, you meditate, you do yoga or anything that brings good to your body, it is important to make the choice of garments that are good for you, good for the planet and for human beings on a global scale. This is the dynamic that we put into how we design our collections.

Here are the choices we have made at MUSE & MARLOWE in order to offer you aesthetic and feminine pieces which respect; human beings, the planet, your health and your happiness :

– Exclusive use of natural organic materials GOTS certified, the ECOCERT highest and most complete certification in terms of fashion, with a strict control over the whole channel on both social and environmental items

– Reduced distances for supply and manufacturing, partners based in France and Portugal (lower impact, fair price…)

– Design based on feminity and timelessness (for you to love your clothes for a long time, keep it and reinvent it)

– A slow momentum, 4 collections each year, that frees itself from seasons and get inspiration in art and nature surrounding us

– A percentage of our financial result donated to a NGO


All of this sits on a 360° and evolutive dynamic : great attention is given to each step, from conception to the end of your garment’s life, to reduce our activity impact.

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