Above all, a human adventure

Why not do the introduction ?

Behind MUSE & MARLOWE, we are two : Lucie & Aline.

Two young mothers based in Brittany, France. Two women, who could be you, carried by their enthusiasm and passion invested in this business. Two women who have walked a long path before arriving at the moment which gave them the energy to jump into this world changing “project”.

We put all our daily energy into developing tools and ways to get you engaged in fashion that does good and echoes your values. We want to take you on this path with us. Together, we will love our garments and treat them as the valuable objects they are, objects to create memories with…

Because buying fairly and thoughtfully made clothes is something to feel great about.


After years of professional experience in fashion, communications and marketing, we deeply felt the need to make our (professional) lives evolve, to be pro-active in making a better world. A better world for us, but also and even more for our children. Their arrival in our lives made us strong enough to dive into this adventure.

Our approach is almost artisanal, we want our collections to be on a human-scale. We really want to express a world, a story behind the garment. A story that has to be continued by the person who will wear and love it. We love the idea of owning a little, just what we really need, and to find through that a real balance and well-being.

This really is where MUSE & MARLOWE stands : pleasure, simplicity, essential, aesthetic, femininity and well-being. To center ourself as a woman and genuinely take the time to love and fully appreciate every piece in your wardrobe, to be able to choose the clothing that reflects our values.” 

Our positioning is a mirror of us, of every woman who is part of our growing community. We know the questions that we have, the way we want our lives to evolve are far from being isolated, numbers of women are heading towards a more balanced life, seeking for more meaning.

We hope with all our hearts that the collection and the message that MUSE & MARLOWE conveys echoes with you.



Lucie & Aline

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